Renal Medullary Carcinoma (RMC) Facts

What is RMC?  

RMC is a devestating and extremely rare form of kidney cancer with highly aggressive behavior that typically affects young adults.

How is RMC diagnosed?  

RMC is diagnosed by laboratory tests, KUB, ultrasound,CT/MRI scan, biopsy, and/or chest x-ray.

Who is at risk of RMC?  

The most common risk factors are patients of African descent, a family history of RMC,

people with either sickle-cell trait or disease, with the median ages 20–35.

Is there a cure for RMC?  

Not yet.  RMC is essentially a lethal disease with a median survival of 12 months after diagnosis.

What are the symptoms of RMC?                RMC Statistics

  • blood in the urine                                                                                           Average age at diagnosis:  22
  • pain in the side or kidney                                                                             Average stage at diagnosis:  IV
  • a lump or mass in the abdomen, side, or kidney                                   Percent found in right kidney:  75%
  • unexplained weight loss 

(RMC, Inc., 2013)